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    • 逐夢英語演講稿(8篇)
    • 逐夢英語演講稿(8篇)8人關注

      every one has his own dream.when i was a little kid ,my dream was even to have a candy shop of my own .but now ,when i am 16 years old ,standing here ,my dreams hav ...[更多]

      發布時間:2022-06-21 10:48:04

    • 主持稿英語演講稿(2篇)
    • 主持稿英語演講稿(2篇)2人關注

      一、goodafternoon,everyone,myhonouredteachersandmyfellowstudents.i&#039;mveryhonouredtobethehostfortoday&#039;scompetitionthisafternoontogivetheopenin… ...[更多]

      發布時間:2022-06-21 07:06:30

    • 主題英語演講稿(15篇)
    • 主題英語演講稿(15篇)15人關注

      everyone has a lot of dreams. some people want to be rich, dreaming of becoming millionaires overnight. others want to be famous, dreaming of suddenly being fam ...[更多]

      發布時間:2022-06-20 21:54:06

    • 正式英語演講稿(2篇)
    • 正式英語演講稿(2篇)2人關注

      -iwillbepleasedtoansweranyquestionsyoumayhaveattheendofthepresentation.-pleasecanyousaveyourquestionstilltheend.-ifyouhaveanyquestio… ...[更多]

      發布時間:2022-06-20 18:12:04

    • 閱讀英語演講稿(3篇)
    • 閱讀英語演講稿(3篇)3人關注

      howtoinspireeverychildtobealifelongreader演講者:alvinirby中英對照翻譯asanelementaryschoolteacher,mymomdideverythingshecouldtoensureihadg… ...[更多]

      發布時間:2022-06-20 14:30:15

    • 贊美英語演講稿(2篇)
    • 贊美英語演講稿(2篇)2人關注

      贊美護士的英語演講稿贊美護士的&#039;英語演講稿every classmate, every friend! have you heard of white dream ?perhaps , you think hope is green, youth is red, and drea ...[更多]

      發布時間:2022-06-20 10:48:22

    • 有關英語演講稿(15篇)
    • 有關英語演講稿(15篇)15人關注

      有關夢想的英語演講稿(一)good evening,ladies and gentlemen,today,my topic is about expressing the appreciation to our mothers.a few days ago,i have read a news abo ...[更多]

      發布時間:2022-06-20 07:06:05

    • 有趣英語演講稿稿(8篇)
    • 有趣英語演講稿稿(8篇)8人關注

      inordertoprotectourenvironmentfrombeingpolluted,iwilldosomepublicitywithmyclassmatestoexplaintheharmfulneofpollution.throughthispeoplewi… ...[更多]

      發布時間:2022-06-19 21:54:04

    • 有意義英語演講稿(4篇)
    • 有意義英語演講稿(4篇)4人關注

      good morning ,boys and girl,i`m jenny peng ,today my topic is :talk about a meaningful way we can use time.at first , let me ask you a question : what do you do ...[更多]

      發布時間:2022-06-19 18:12:06

    • 迎奧運英語演講稿(2篇)
    • 迎奧運英語演講稿(2篇)2人關注

      good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen:bidding for the olympic games, in a way, an image-creating undertaking. the first and foremost thing is to let people fall ...[更多]

      發布時間:2022-06-19 14:30:14

    • 迎新英語演講稿(2篇)
    • 迎新英語演講稿(2篇)2人關注

      一、goodafternoon,everyone,myhonouredteachersandmyfellowstudents.i&#039;mveryhonouredtobethehostfortoday&#039;scompetitionthisafternoontogivetheopenin… ...[更多]

      發布時間:2022-06-19 10:48:08

    • 一口氣英語演講稿(14篇)
    • 一口氣英語演講稿(14篇)14人關注

      ladiesandgentlemen.i&#039;dliketowelcomeeveryone.i&#039;mheretoteachyouhowtosayno.iusetobea&quot;yesperson.&quot;ithoughtitwasimpolitetosayno.iwasachr… ...[更多]

      發布時間:2022-06-19 07:06:06

    • 一天英語演講稿(2篇)
    • 一天英語演講稿(2篇)2人關注

      寫演講稿必須要經歷充分的知識儲備和情感儲備,因此提前布置學生搜集有關演講、寫演講稿的信息。下面是小編為大家收集關于開學第一天英語演講稿,歡迎借鑒參考。開學第一天英 ...[更多]

      發布時間:2022-06-18 20:39:11

    • 醫護英語演講稿(3篇)
    • 醫護英語演講稿(3篇)3人關注

      every friend! have you heard of white dream ?perhaps , you think hope is green, youth is red, and dream is only natural gold!but , i think medical workers&#039; drea ...[更多]

      發布時間:2022-06-18 16:57:30

    • 藝術英語演講稿(2篇)
    • 藝術英語演講稿(2篇)2人關注

      i&#039;m a lifelong traveler. even as a little kid, i was actually working out that it would be cheaper to go to boarding school in england than just to the best sch ...[更多]

      發布時間:2022-06-18 14:30:15

    • 一等獎英語演講稿(2篇)
    • 一等獎英語演講稿(2篇)2人關注

      hello, everyone. today you grateful?! there are many kinds of thanksgiving, for example, as i was in the song sings, we must be grateful parents, parents gave u ...[更多]

      發布時間:2022-06-18 10:48:08

    • 毅力英語演講稿(2篇)
    • 毅力英語演講稿(2篇)2人關注

      關于毅力的英語演講稿關于毅力的`英語演講稿一:the power of perseverancedear friends:if you can dream it, you can do it.walt disneyit was a long four years. even af ...[更多]

      發布時間:2022-06-18 07:06:06

    • 銀行英語演講稿子(2篇)
    • 銀行英語演講稿子(2篇)2人關注

      my lord mayor, ladies and gentlemen, it is again an honour to attend this wonderful dinner and to speak to you as chancellor for the fifth time.lord mayor, i re ...[更多]

      發布時間:2022-06-17 21:54:06

    • 印度英語演講稿(3篇)
    • 印度英語演講稿(3篇)3人關注

      friends!i am really happy to be here with you. before coming to this forum, i had very detaileddiscussion with the ceos of major chinese companies. i am sure ou ...[更多]

      發布時間:2022-06-17 18:12:06

    • 英雄英語演講稿(2篇)
    • 英雄英語演講稿(2篇)2人關注

      演說題目:alifelessonfromavolunteerfirefighter演說者:markbezos演講稿backinnewyork,iamtheheadofdevelopmentforanon-profitcalledrobinhood.when… ...[更多]

      發布時間:2022-06-17 14:30:13

    • 我和英語演講稿(5篇)
    • 我和英語演講稿(5篇)5人關注

      坑下來由小編為大家推薦中學生英語演講稿:我和鏡子,希望對你有所幫助!中學生英語演講稿:我和鏡子i like to look into the mirror. i remember when i was a little girl, i of ...[更多]

      發布時間:2022-06-17 10:48:10

    • 我喜歡英語演講稿(4篇)
    • 我喜歡英語演講稿(4篇)4人關注

      good morning teachers and fellow students。 today we would like to introduce a few favorite books to you。my favorite book is(italian: cuore)。 this is a diary ...[更多]

      發布時間:2022-06-17 07:06:05

    • 我相信英語演講稿(4篇)
    • 我相信英語演講稿(4篇)4人關注

      ladies and gentlemen:i’m so happy that i can be admitted by my dreamed school. the new campus gives me a new start so i have a dream that the future me can ris ...[更多]

      發布時間:2022-06-16 21:54:06

    • 我與英語演講稿(3篇)
    • 我與英語演講稿(3篇)3人關注

      a young idler,an old beggar almost everyone knows the famous chinese saying:a young idler,an old beggar.throughout history,we have seen many cases in which this sa ...[更多]

      發布時間:2022-06-16 18:12:09

    • 外交官英語演講稿(2篇)
    • 外交官英語演講稿(2篇)2人關注

      段津簡介:段津先生1953年畢業于北京外國語學院,被派往朝鮮開城中國人民志愿軍停戰談判代表團任翻譯,屬于新中國第一代英語翻譯。曾為陳毅、鄧小平、李先念、郭沫若等老一代國家 ...[更多]

      發布時間:2022-06-16 14:30:15

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